In an effort to spread the culture of innovation, the UAE Innovation Month is an event that hosts bright minds from various sectors such as academic institutes, government organizations both local and federal based in Sharjah and firms from the private sector with a goal of showcasing their innovations to visitors and attendees. This creates various opportunities for interaction among them and promotes collaboration and the exchange of ideas which ultimately encourages people to innovate.

UAE Innovation Month Exhibition:



  Criterion Weight
1 Added value of the project
The value proposition of the project needs to be highlighted within financial saving, saving effort and time with regards to efficient results and less working hours or days to finish a specific task.
2 Beneficiaries of the project
The different segments of society and target audience that benefit from this project need to be specified for example by age group, occupation or chronic illnesses.
3 Creative element
The new features added that differentiate this project from others whether it was a new addition or technical modification.
4 Parties involved in the project
Collaborations between different organizations or individuals on this project need to be specified, whether it was between government organizations or between a government entity and an academic institute or an individual.